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Geo DrinX geodrinx at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 06:13:32 PST 2014

Hello All,

There is a new category of GIS users: drone's users. There is already the
> "Video UAV Tracker" for Qgis.

Yes,  true !

As you can see in this image:


For that I created a new plugin, named  "DronePlanner", that has the
following functions:

1)  create a  DronePlan  along a line, calculating  intermediate  points,
with a delta distance from focal and CCD parameters, with direction angle

2) create a zig-zag path to cover an area.

3) display the path simulation on GoogleEarth,  and take from GE the angle
parameters to recalculate the path again.

4) export the path in MikroKopter format.

Who is interested ?   :)


> The user also need functions, like creating a group of parallel lines
> oriented along some heading and spaced by a sonar range, all these lines
> clipped by a polygon. These actions have to be done just using the mouse
> (not by creating / naming / loading a shapefile at each step of the
> process) and the keyboard to input coordinates, with transforming
> DDD°MM'SSSS'' to DDD°MM.MMMM' or DDD.DDDDDD facilities for example, etc.
> So, to build this itinerary, we need CAD-like input, and there's almost
> nothing in Qgis really user friendly. Within my colleagues, every one knows
> Qgis, but won't even try to use it for this lack. So, we use expansive
> softwares, and Qgis is sometimes the swiss knife to transform data from one
> software to another.
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