[Qgis-developer] Consistency in adding layers (especially OGC)

Jonathan Moules jonathanmoules at warwickshire.gov.uk
Tue Jan 28 02:03:27 PST 2014

Hi List,
This may be too late for 2.2 (some are features), but something that's
bugging me no end is the complete lack of consistency between all the
dialogs for the OGC services. Below I've created a somewhat exhaustive list
of differences-that-shouldn't-be between the way they behave - mostly the
add-layer dialog.

However, rather than rectify the issues, would it maybe make more sense to
just create a single new dialog from scratch and use that instead? Ideally
for all formats, but if necessary, just the OGC stuff.

  What are the plans relating to add-layer dialogs? Is there a preferred
option? Or will/desire to create a universal dialog for adding layers?



*Adding Layers:*

Add/Close buttons
For WCS these are the wrong way around!

Layer Title|Name:
- For WMS, WCS - use the layer Title rather than the layer Name when adding
to the layers list (WFS & WMTS already do this).
 - Either add "Use title for layer name" checkbox to WMS/WMTS, WCS, or
remove from WFS.
- WMS seems to allow you to fill in a "Layer name" - add to other dialogs?
If so, make it more obvious what it does.

Add Filter function for WMS, WMTS, WCS (already exists for WFS).

Differentiate windows:

WCS: Remove "Layers" tab as pointless.
WMS/WMTS - I have no idea what "Server Search" or "Layer order" do - never
seen them active.

All - Make CRS section same between dialogs.
WMS - why is "Tile Size" and "Feature limit for GetFeatureInfo" inside the
CRS box?

WCS or WMS/WMTS - Use same method for selecting format. One uses dropdown
(WCS), one uses checkboxes. I guess WFS doesn't need this option.

Column list:
All - In list of layers, use same order of columns and same selection of
WCS, WMS - Column widths autodetected. (Already done for WMTS, WFS)

WCS / WFS - Offer same method for choosing caching settings.

Add Layer:
WFS - Don't close the dialog. Or Do close it for WMS/WMTS and WCS.

*Create Connection*:
WMS/WMTS - says "Create a new WMS connection" - should say WMTS too.
 WCS/WFS - Referer option (in WMS already)
WFS - "Connection details" not in bold (is on WMS/WCS)


Following on from this ticket - http://hub.qgis.org/issues/8870 - suggested
changes to layer properties -> Metadata:

 - Don't list entire Get Capabilities in properties, only the section for
that particular layer. WFS already does this.

 - All OGC Services - Populate the Description/attribution/metadataURL from
the GetCapabilities.

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