[Qgis-developer] Lidar data into QGIS

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Jan 29 00:07:58 PST 2014

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Il 29/01/2014 09:01, Denis Rouzaud ha scritto:

> This would probably be quite a different way of dealing with the data source. I
> suppose the idea would be to fetch all the points at once and store them in a
> kd-tree. Otherwise, refreshing the canvas would take ages to refresh.
> The laslib [0,1] (from lastools) is LGPL.
> But there is also liblas [2] which is available on Osgeo4W and has debian packages.
> The code is on github [3], there is the licence info:

Hi all,
thanks for following up. Of course we need some smart way to deal with such huge
amounts of points (that's why I think we need a brand new provider). libLAS and PDAL
seem to overlap, and at least one developer is involved in both: does anybody know
why, and which one would be better to use?
All the best.
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