[Qgis-developer] Lidar data into QGIS

Geodrinx geodrinx at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 23:02:45 PST 2014


>  If anyone with experience in those environments is interested in chipping in, I'd be happy to help guide the effort. 

yes, I am interested 

I worked for years in LiDAR data survey and processing, and I writed a program, named LaserDrink :)  that displays in realtime TerraSolid BIN point clouds, using a temporary WRL PointSet elements and the Coin3D library. 
Ok, time is passed, but my interest is the same, or more. 

Your suggestions are "music for my ears" :)  because they follow the same path I walked on:
CloudCompare is the best choice where to insert the hand, to have a tool for display and manipulate very BIG data ( and only who worked with lidar data knows how big and random they are... :)

Well, shortly: if I can give any help to implementation, MacOSX porting, italian documentation or ... other, simply tell me  :)

Thank you

Roberto (BobMaX) Angeletti

> Howard
> http://pdal.io

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