[Qgis-developer] RasterFileWriter creates 5 times bigger geotiff then gdal_translate

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 07:54:15 PDT 2014

Causally I hit the save as raster dialog, and I tried to export a raster to
layer (coming from an ASCII Grid source) to Geotiff, with no creation
options set.
The result was a file 3 times bigger then the original ASCII, and 5 times
bigger then the Geotiff created by gdal_translate.

gdalinfo on the files give same results (except statistics missing from the
one created by RasterFileWriter).
Does gdal_translate do some optimizations that RFW doesn't?
I wasn't aware that two Geotiffs, apparently with the same properties,
could be so different in size...


Giovanni Allegri
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_giohappy_
blog: http://blog.spaziogis.it
GEO+ geomatica in Italia http://bit.ly/GEOplus
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