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James Wood jwood911 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 08:30:39 PDT 2014

I'm working with conflict data, and because of escalation (e.g., kidnappings, bombings and insurgent attacks can lead to full-scale territorial disputes), temporal point features can become stacked. I was initially trying to figure out a way to highlight a record within a selected set in the attribute table and zoom to that point without loosing the original selection, but the Advanced Filter may be the best way to handle that. As I was panning the map, though, I noticed some locations that should have been selected from my query, and upon inspection, realized they were stacked points. Evidently the points on top prevented me from seeing the selected ones underneath. Even using the point displacement renderer (which is a pretty slick tool, btw) the selection was still hidden in the original point stack. Should I not be able to see my selections on the map canvas in relation to my other point data or is there a setting or trick here that I'm missing?
I'm a relatively new QGIS user, so please take that into consideration. I'm sure this has been discussed before, and I did some online searches but came up with very little. I did find this, but nothing related to point selections or how those would be affected by feature request changes. If I missed a solution, I would greatly appreciate a nudge in the right direction, but perhaps the development community is still reviewing how best to handle this...
Win 7 x64 SP1
QGIS 2.4.0 (x64 standalone installer)
Thanks in advance for any feedback,
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