[Qgis-developer] Value map missing from QML (was: Fwd: I domini nei campi sono spariti ?)

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Jul 16 01:30:40 PDT 2014

Il 16/07/2014 10:25, Geo DrinX ha scritto:

> I noticed something unexpected in version 2.4 of QGis.
> If I define a "map values​​" (ie, a domain) on a field, associating a csv file in the
> panel "Fields" of  "Properties", and saving the style of the layers in a QML file, it
> does not contain the definition of the domain of the field (as was the case in
> version 2.2),
> and the reopening of the SHP file,  the domain has disappeared !
> It is a bug ?

Confirmed here, also for values input by hand (no csv file).
All the best, and thanks.

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