[Qgis-developer] Project temp file archive bit.

Matthias Kuhn matthias.kuhn at gmx.ch
Wed Jul 23 15:06:29 PDT 2014

Hi Tim,

On Don 24 Jul 2014 00:03:10 CEST, Tim Sutton wrote:
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> Hi
> On 23/07/2014 23:56, Matthias Kuhn wrote:
>> Hi Jürgen
>> On 23.07.2014 21:23, Jürgen E. Fischer wrote:
>>> Hi G,
>>> On Wed, 23. Jul 2014 at 12:20:56 -0500, G. Garibaldi wrote:
>>>> For some reason a project temp file or a backup file using the
>>>> extension .qgs~ is showing up in my projects directory with
>>>> QGIS 2.4 Win 7 64 bit.
>>> It's not a temp file. It's backup of version of the project file
>>> (or better put the renamed original).
>> What is the purpose of this file? When is it produced and does QGIS
>> revert to this copy under certain circumstances?
> Speaking for Juergen, I believe it is written with the previous saved
> state of the project file each time you press save. So if you save and
> the project file gets corrupted (its happened to me a few times in the
> past) you can fallback to the last known good state.

In this case wouldn't it be better to write to a temp file when saving 
(.qgs~) and after successfully having written this file rename it to 
the real name (.qgs)?
This way there would be no garbage and a user does not need to know 
about cryptic file renames.


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