[Qgis-developer] Ideas to improve options of layer fields

Bernhard Ströbl bernhard.stroebl at jena.de
Tue Mar 4 22:39:20 PST 2014


Am 04.03.2014 14:54, schrieb Rémi Bovard:
> Hi list,
> I'm currently implementing an edit form with a lot of fields and I've
> got some ideas to improve the user experience. What about to offer some
> new features in the layer fields options, like those ones:

if you are using a PostGIS db you can try my plugin DataDrivenInputMask 
[1] which is in the repository

> - Set a default value (text, checkbox, date, list, etc.)

- works if default is defined on the field in the db

> - Set the order of the items in a values list

- if the values are derived from a second table with a fk constraint the 
comboBox is "searchable", i.e. editable and positioned at the top of the 
matching choices as you type

> - Set a field as mandatory and highlight it if empty (or even better,
> get constraint from the data provider)

if a not null constraint is defined on a field, changes cannot be 
submitted if the field is still empty; null fields are indicated


> What do you think?
> Thank you for your feedback.
> Rémi

[1] https://github.com/bstroebl/DataDrivenInputMask/wiki

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