[Qgis-developer] My God: plugin palette disappeared :(

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Mar 7 05:24:33 PST 2014

On 2014-03-07, 9:07 AM, Tim Sutton wrote:
> What is a plugin palette? Do you mean the toolbar?
> Can you provide a screenshot of your running QGIS.
> Have you tried right clicking on the blank space in the toolbar area and
> checking if it is enabled.
> Did you maybe accidentally drag it and drop it somewhere and it is
> displaying in compressed mode?
> I'm not sure if your life will be any better in Arc* :-P

Hi Tim,

You mention something that awoke me here ha.  I teach intro to GIS at a
local college this term, and of course I am using QGIS (1.8, yes I know
old, but I am lucky to have anything installed in their locked down
environment).  The one problem that the students face constantly, and
the one problem I cannot solve, yet, is when they do something like you
just mentioned: they drag and drop a dialog somewhere, close it, undock
it, or I'm not sure what they are doing exactly...and then anytime they
start GIS on that same machine that dialog is no where to be found (and
for the life of me I cannot find how to turn it back on for them).  I
have struggled all term with this.  One example are the Properties
dialog windows in the Print Composer - students do something it seems to
close these, and they can never be seen ever again.

I know, maybe this is solved in QGIS 2.2, but I just wanted to give you
this feedback.  I love QGIS, but this one thing keeps coming back to
bite me in the butt.  Ha.

Talk soon my friend,


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