[Qgis-developer] Errors with destinationCrsChanged and hasCrsTransformEnabledChanged signals

Mauro Alberti alberti.m65 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 10:52:55 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,
i'm not able to connect to *destinationCrsChanged *and
*signals from  a map canvas, in a Python plugin.

My code sample is:
*self.canvas.destinationCrsChanged.connect( self.get_current_canvas_crs )*
self.get_on_the_fly_projection )*
and an instance of error message, when loading the plugin, is:
*AttributeError: 'QgsMapCanvas' object has no attribute

I've tried successfully, just to test, with two other signals for a
QgsMapCanvas instance:

self.get_current_canvas_crs )*
*self.canvas.layersChanged.connect( self.get_current_canvas_crs )*

Perhaps the two signals with errors are not implemented in PyQGis? And in
that case, are there any workaround?

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