[Qgis-developer] windows package creation

Matteo Ghetta matteo.ghetta at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 06:05:54 PDT 2014

Hi guys,
I'm trying to create a windows installer, but I'm facing some troubles.
Briefly what I made:

- forked and cloned the repo (obviously)
- given that I want to create a QGIS 2.2 installer I switched on the
release-2-2 branch
- then cd ~/QGIS/ms-windows/osgeo4w and launch ./creatensis.pl
- at the end of the process, I get an exe package in the ms-windows

First problem: the package is named QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.3.0-1-Setup-x86_64.exe
so it seems that, even if I'm on the release_2-2 branch, the script creates
a master version

- I go further and I launch the ./quickpackege.sh script (editing the
version name and other small stuff in the script).

Second problem: after launching the script I get:
Usage: LicenseData local_file_that_has_license_text | license_lang_string
Error in macro MUI_PAGE_LICENSE on macroline 21
Error in script "QGIS-Installer.nsi" on line 232 -- aborting creation

So I remove some line in the QGIS-Installer-nsi script (230-231-232),
thinking that this is just related to something I can change in a second
moment. But then I get another error:

Usage: File [/nonfatal] [/a] ([/r] [/x filespec [...]] filespec [...] |
   /oname=outfile one_file_only)
Error in script "QGIS-Installer.nsi" on line 315 -- aborting creation

I found only the documentation of Tim here [0] that is a kind of how-to.
Maybe in the meanwhile something is changes in the procedure and we should
update the documentation.
I think that the creation of a customized package is an awesome chance to
spread QGIS, but the procedure is a little bit complicated and there is a
lack of documentation (unless there are docs that I haven't found).

Cheers and thanks


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