[Qgis-developer] API 2.0.1 vs 2.2.0 with Pyscripter

PIERRE Sylvain sylvain.pierre at cg67.fr
Fri Mar 14 00:53:53 PDT 2014


I'm using Pyscripter to develop standalone application with QGIS API.
When using 2.0.1 API (and former 1.8) there's a realy "confortable" pyscripter behavior for debugging code, console print all messages from QGIS API, like that:
d:\src\qgis-2.0.1\src\core\qgsvectorlayer.cpp(477) : (QgsVectorLayer::drawRendererV2) Total features processed 46
d:\src\qgis-2.0.1\src\core\qgsmaprenderer.cpp(558) : (QgsMapRenderer::render) Layer rendered without issues
d:\src\qgis-2.0.1\src\core\qgsmaprenderer.cpp(365) : (QgsMapRenderer::render) Rendering at layer item Deversoirs20140314084739782
d:\src\qgis-2.0.1\src\core\qgsmaprenderer.cpp(373) : (QgsMapRenderer::render) If there is a QPaintEngine error here, it is caused by an emit call
d:\src\qgis-2.0.1\src\core\qgsmaprenderer.cpp(391) : (QgsMapRenderer::render) layer Deversoirs:  minscale:0  maxscale:1e+08  scaledepvis:0  extent:980773.9289909170474857,108255.9812757930048974 : 995624.1600445739459246,111670.2695432019972941  blendmode:0
d:\src\qgis-2.0.1\src\core\qgsvectorlayer.cpp(659) : (QgsVectorLayer::draw) rendering v2:
SINGLE: MARKER SYMBOL (1 layers) color 0,255,0,255

With 2.2 API no more messages from API :(
Switching  QGIS_DEBUG var does nothing...
How can I retrieve former behavior from QGIS API?



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