[Qgis-developer] Gui design - non modal layer properties dialog ?

kimaidou kimaidou at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 06:05:49 PDT 2014

Hi list,

I am not in Vienna, but still very interesting by the ongoing discussions.

I have one thing in mind which IMHO would be great to have in QGIS
regarding the layer properties dialog :

* Make it non modal, so that the user can still pan/zoom the map, or even
select other tools
* When the user changes the active layer, the whole content of the opened
layer properties dialog is refreshed with the layers properties.
* The active tab is kept. This way the user can for example check and
change the scale visibility for a set of layers. Or if I have opened the
dialog for the wrong layer, I can quickly change it by just clicking on the
right layer in the legend.

I am sure this would implies other problems (for example if the user tries
to use a different tool via QGIs menu), but I think this could be resolved
(for example, if the properties dialog is opened, deactivate some gui
elements to prevent unwanted actions).

Any feedback welcome !

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