[Qgis-developer] Greetings to the sprinters

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Fri Mar 28 04:12:56 PDT 2014

Hi Devs (GRASSers and Others as well)!

I hope you enjoy and have great fun in Wien.  I am so sad that I could not 
join (various reasons) and assist in whatsoever. Thanks for the beta release 
of G7.

On the discussion of having (some kind of) access to GRASS via QGIS: it's so 
Important!  My most recent example was on the first week of March.  I had a 
wonderful experience exploring GRASS GIS through OSGeoLive7, along with 20 
people (unfamiliar with OSGeo in general). In order to understand GRASS's 
Locations & Mapsets, as well as the region extent, we choose to approach it 
via QGIS. The transition to GRASS was then so smooth, so nice. The integration 
of QGIS and GRASS was so attractive to the people -- they loved it!

Cheers, Nikos

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