[Qgis-developer] QGIS server space

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Sun Mar 30 04:13:11 PDT 2014

On 27-03-14 09:33, Alex Mandel wrote:

> Why not load balance 2 servers in different parts of the world?
> Bandwidth at OSUOSL is unlimited, hardware is already paid for (It's
> raid SAS drives, not cheap hardware).

that is the plan now: building on the (much stronger/faster qgis2),
rsync to qgis server.

> Sharing people time also helps. I was the only one awake when this issue
> came up because I'm in the western US. I'd also rather see SAC and QGIS
> admins work together, not just divide into territories.


> I got involved with SAC as my way to contribute to QGIS originally, but
> now find myself guessing and without the ability to help on the new
> servers at all. So I'm all for experimenting with the right balance, and
> hope we can collaborate. Part of the point of the shared hosting is that
> QGIS server admins benefit all OSGeo projects if there's an incentive to
> work together.

as said: plz let me know what info you need. Happy to work together. I'm
not a sysadmin by profession or willing to be.

> I'd prioritize upgrading Redmine and fixing the missing ssh key
> management over moving any other sites. That's the site that cause the
> most trouble in terms of hosting. Then there's things like CDN/DOS
> protection, SPDY optimization, https for all downloads, caching. All
> sorts of better ways to spend time than just shuffling static
> html/sphinx all over the place.

Well. prioritizing depends on your goals and knowledge. We differ in
both. Feel free to help and get me on par with you on knowledge about
sysadmin stuff. But please also try to help us if we maybe have other
(maybe less professional, or even wrong in your eyes) views. I try to be
pragmatic about the redmine problem: if somebody want to pull that:
fine. Otherwise: get rid of it (by using Github). As you say: it is a
problem too long already.

As most other functionality is now moved away (plugins site, building
nightlies and docs en website), we now have a better opportunity to
bring down/update qgis...



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