[Qgis-developer] couldn't load cpp-plugin

SSchmidt at gfi-gis.de SSchmidt at gfi-gis.de
Tue May 6 02:41:12 PDT 2014


 I know, its a worst with the c++-plugin-developers...
Again I have a problem with a plugin in updating. 
In QGIS 2.0 (32bit) I have two plugins working. Now I downloaded the 
sources for QGIS 2.2, compiled it and was very happy, because i've had no 
problems here. I compiled my two plugins and get also no errors. The first 
plugin works fine in QGIS 2.2 (32 bit) but the other gets an error 
(written i protocol-extensions) while starting QGIS and loading the 
plugins. But the errormessage is not so meaningful : "The procedure is 
unknown", but which is meant? Besides I could not debug this. Until now i 
debugged my projects when qgis has been started by detaching the process 
in Visual Studio. How can I get the Name of the procedure? I think I'm 
searching the needle in a haystack.
Has anyone an Idea?

Thanks a lot.

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