[Qgis-developer] Share some of my Processing Scripts

kimaidou kimaidou at gmail.com
Fri May 30 07:18:55 PDT 2014

Hi QGIS users and devs,

I would like to share the Processing scripts I have created this last 2
months. Here is the list :


* Create vector layer from PostGIS table : fill the database connection
parameters, choose a table and an optionnal WHERE clause, and get the
result as a vector layer

* Create vector layer from SQL Query : Choose the database type (PostGIS or
Spatialite), write the query and get the data as a vector layer


* Define 1 raster layer properties : set style from optionnal QML, set the
layer CRS, refresh contrast enhancement and save properties as default style

* Define multiple raster layers properties : the same as above for more
than one raster layer


* Read file content into string : Read a text file and output a string with
the file content  (usefull to run some queries)

Another of my script is already in Processing Example script and allows to
search and replace values by another . This could be handy with the one
above to run parametric queries.


* Define 1 vector layer properties : select and apply a QML (optional), set
layer CRS, create spatial index, recalculate extent, set title and
abstract, save properties as default style -  all in once.

* Define multiple vector layers properties : same as above but for multiple
vector layers (without title and abstract inputs)

* Save features filtered by expression : Choose a vector layer, use and
expression to save the matching features as a new vector layer

* Select vector features by expression : Use an expression to select the
vector layer matching features

* Square grid from layer extent : choose a vector layer and a grid cell
size and outputs a vector grid.

All the scripts are on Github ( GPL2 licence).

I documented each script with the Processing help feature.

Any feedback welcome !

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