[Qgis-developer] OpenlayersPlugin QGIS

Marica Landini bulma at ferrara.linux.it
Thu Oct 1 03:24:32 PDT 2015

I need to use OpenlayersPlugin QGIS behind proxy network.
But I need to use defaultproxy settings configuration.

QGIS works fine with this defaultproxy settings
(also connection to wms/etc...
reading plugin list and download it).

But (with the defaultproxy settings) I can not work with OpenlayersPlugin
that return:
TypeError: unable to convert a QVariant of type 10 to a QMetaType of type 2

I can instead use this plugin with http proxy and setting manually the
configuration (Settings->Options->Network)

I have tryed to modify OpenlayersPlugin tool_network.py
commenting setHostName/setPort/setUser/setPassword
and using
obvious I do not get TypeError,
but the plugin not work properly (e.g. I do not get OSM layer).

How can I resolve this problem?
There is another plugin that works with default (machine) proxy settings?
(apologies for my english)...


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Marica Landini
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