[Qgis-developer] Default fill/outline color for svg symbols

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Sun Oct 11 01:27:50 PDT 2015

On 11-10-15 08:04, Nyall Dawson wrote:

> My latest thought is:
> - as above, ensure that fill/outline are customisable
> - remove the DEFAULT param values from all the shipped svgs
> - modify symbology so that if NO default param value is specified in
> the svg, then the existing fill color/outline color/width is preserved
> when selecting the symbol. I think this is the best solution, as it
> fixes the annoying color/width reseting which currently happens when
> switching svg files but without losing the ability to set a default
> color within a SVG.
> If no objections I'll proceed with this approach.

Hi Nyall,

what about fixing the first bug you were talking about, and do the rest
in a commit after the release. In that way we can try this out a little

I looked at the other non svg markers, and they have actually exact the
same behaviour as you describe above. So that is a plus.

But what is that 'DEFAULT' value you are talking about? Does that mean I
can create a custom (non shipped) symbolset which have fixed colors? OR
have icons which do NOT change color?
What I'm talking about: I've once created a live map based on more or
less 'standard colored' icons http://i.imgur.com/EHQOkPz.png
What happens when I go from the red star to the blue triangle there? Do
they stay the same color? Or CAN I make that they stay there standard
colors, maybe by adding the 'DEFAULT' param in the svg?

Sometimes it is better to 'just do it' and people can test/try with
their own symbolsets. But as said maybe not in the feature freeze period?

Regards, and again: thanks for fixing http://hub.qgis.org/issues/10908 !


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