[Qgis-developer] FreeCAD integration with/within QGIS

M-Rick m.rick at laposte.net
Tue Oct 13 04:31:23 PDT 2015

I posted a feature request on the QGIS Application forum, it has been told me to post it there which was more appropriate.

FreeCAD is Python 2D/3D CAD package with parametric functions.

It can also be used in console mode only and controlled by the command line.

FreeCAD can be run as a simple Python module.

Do you think QGIS could interfer through a plugin and/or scripts to get advanced CAD features from FreeCAD?

FreeCAD could be used for 3D design as well. For example, I want to get a building and then georeference it inside QGIS is the way of SketchUp does.
So FreeCAD could be used to get 3D design inside QGIS.

And maybe it could bring features to create an AutoCAD Map and/or AutoCAD Civil like bundle(s).
It could also bring more simple features of what RhinoCity/RhinoTerrain do with Rhino 3D and GIS.

Just a set of ideas I wanted to share since I’m using both of them and like both of them. It could give a great open and powerful 3D GIS package.

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