[Qgis-developer] Giving credits to documentation authors [Was: Books section on our website]

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Tue Oct 13 22:37:01 PDT 2015

Il 14/10/2015 01:55, Alexandre Neto ha scritto:

> I believe the answer to your original question, "why it seems to be
> attractive to write about QGIS there (in books) and not within the
> project (oficial doxumentation)?", is given by the early testimony.
> Writting good updated documentation takes lots of time, effort and
> patience,  things that people don't seem to be willing to give for free
> (at least not the desirable quantity).
> While adding ad hoc non sponsored new features are fun and give their
> authors some prestige and recognition, Writting documentation doesn't.

I think money is not really an issue here: compensation for writing
books is usually ridiculous, and not worth the effort. Want people wants
is recognition: having your name in print, on a book thousands of people
read, is the driving force.
Unfortunately this is difficult to achieve for a cooperative effort, but
perhaps we should giving due and appropriate credits to authors more
clearly (maybe a page with names and statistics: number of lines
written, number of commits?). I'm sure this may motivate some people.
All the best.

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