[Qgis-developer] How should the dissolve tool in Processing work?

Victor Olaya volayaf at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 23:42:01 PDT 2015

> Do you mean drop fields (as is now but in debate) or keep first value (as it
> used to be before)?

Make the algorithm behave like the one from the mentioned plugin

> How would you enter the value? I could imagine a LineEdit where you input
> e.g. a comma-separated list of fields to keep and another one where you
> input a comma-separated list of the stats to apply? To apply several stats
> on one field you would need multiple entries in LineEdit1?

At first, on a line edit, with a string like
"[field_to_keep],[stat_to_apply], [field_to_keep],[stat_to_apply,

Not very intuitive if it's not documented, but will do until the UI is ready

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