[Qgis-developer] Improving ftools geoprocessing tools

Matthias Kuhn matthias at opengis.ch
Thu Oct 22 06:26:30 PDT 2015

Hi Giovanni,

On 10/22/2015 02:38 PM, Giovanni Manghi wrote:
> This users are
> usually not able to handle (or willingly to) the possible problems of
> using a toolbox based on other software.

There are a number of internal algorithms available in processing (i.e.
no external dependencies).
Unfortunately they are duplicates of ftools algorithms. But they have
the advantage that they can be used in models.
So if something is going to be improved it should be those - or we end
up with a situation where we have fast algorithms in the menus but the
same algorithm slower in the toolbox.

Therefore the plan of action should be:

 * Create menu entries for often used (internal) processing algorithms
 * Remove ftools algorithms
 * Identify slow algorithms
 * Improve performance

This will solve João's problems in the most sustainable and effective
way possible.


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