[Qgis-developer] Future of OpenLayers plugin - time to deprecate?

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sun Jan 3 23:55:40 PST 2016

Il 02/01/2016 00:42, Nathan Woodrow ha scritto:
> I'm fine with having that kind of thing in core provided we don't breach
> any terms of services, which would mean no Google unless we can find a
> contact there and maybe make some kind of deal.

Hi all,
I agree in:
* reducing duplication, and having only one base layer plugin
* adding it to core
* renaming it to be better understandable to users.

So the issues are:
* do we agree that QMS is, from coding point of view, a better candidate
for inclusion?
* are the authors willing to take responsibility for its longer term
maintenance? If not, anyone else is willing to take it?

BTW, there are a number of older plugins adding individual services
(Korea, Sardegna, etc.); it would be good to incorporate these as
additional services too, or stimulate and help original authors to do
that, and deprecate original ones.

I'm available to help with this, if necessary.

All the best.
Paolo Cavallini - www.faunalia.eu
QGIS & PostGIS courses: http://www.faunalia.eu/training.html

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