[Qgis-developer] Call for beta testers 2.14?

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Tue Jan 19 02:05:09 PST 2016

On 19-01-16 10:44, Nyall Dawson wrote:
> Hi all (Tim?)
> Can we put out a call for 2.14 beta testers on the blog/social media
> accounts?
> Will be good to get as much feedback pre LTS release as possible.

Hi Nyall,

We have blog.qgis.org (a wordpress site). If you provide me some text
(and maybe image) I'm happy to put it on the 'offical' blog.
Anita can maybe give you a login to do it yourself if you prefer?
@Anita: can you please add the admin user/admin password to our password

I think Nathan (in cc) does the twittering (? not sure).
@Nathan: is it an idea to share the password with psc so we can put it
in password file?



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