[Qgis-developer] Can :class: :mod: :func: be removed from python cookbook?

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Wed Jan 20 05:25:02 PST 2016

(sorry for cross posting)

Hi Devs and Python cookbook writers,

As you may know if you follow community list, we have a travis build now
for QGIS documentation (and python cookbook then).

To make Travis fail, I build the docs with an option that warning become
errors, thereby making it clear for commiters that something broke.

To try to make it fully warning free know, I hit warnings like:

pyqgis_developer_cookbook/canvas.rst:21: WARNING: py:class reference
target not found: QgsMapCanvas

It turns out that Sphinx (off course) outside the source tree cannot
resolve the reference to the QgsMapCanvas documentation....

Then found the sphinx conf.py option:

nitpick_ignore = [('py:class', 'QgsMapCanvas'),
                  ('py:class', 'QgsMapRenderer')]

BUT that only works if you put all classes referenced in it, and I'm not
able to find a wildcard...

So I find/added all classes... but then it start failing on :func: .....
which is even more...

So: is it ok for you if I just delete all this :class: stuff? So it will
never be possible anymore to make that a reference to api.....

I will leave the backquotes, so it will at least be made a bold font in
the docs....

Please let me know if somebody sees troubles with this



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