[Qgis-developer] QGIS and GRASS Plugin: How?

m roy royroge at outlook.com
Fri Jan 22 01:01:32 PST 2016


I'd like very much to use QGIS with the awesome new GRASS plugin,
but lately it seems to be harder and harder (at least for me) to achieve 
this goal.
What i find really very confusing is what release (on windows) or PPA 
(personal package archive
on ubuntu) we are supposed to use to have QGIS working with GRASS.
Now i do not have a fully working QGIS+GRASS system in windows (using 
nor in Ubuntu 14.04 because GRASS GIS in ubuntugis-unstable is no more
compatible with QGIS or vice versa...

I think that QGIS and GRASS GIS enormously benefit each other
and really hope someone could give advise on what 
to use to simply have QGIS and GRASS run together :-)

thanks, Roy.

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