[Qgis-developer] Can I change QgsAbstractGeometryV2::fromWkb signature ?

Sandro Santilli strk at keybit.net
Wed Jan 27 01:04:20 PST 2016

On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 09:49:48AM +0100, Matthias Kuhn wrote:
> Hi
> On 01/26/2016 10:32 PM, Nyall Dawson wrote:
> > On 27 January 2016 at 03:31, Sandro Santilli <strk at keybit.net> wrote:
> >> On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 05:24:37PM +0100, Marco Hugentobler wrote:
> >> That's a good news, thanks.
> >> It would help to have a protocol defined to more easily tag
> >> and identify which classes are and are not part of the API.
> By default anything that is LIB_EXPORTed should be considered stable
> API.

git grep LIB_EXPORT does not give much interesting information.
Are we talking about *_EXPORT macros ? I saw CORE_EXPORT and
GUI_EXPORT. What else is there ? Any simple way to tell ?

> There is already a tag which should catch most of the exceptions:
> @note not available in Python bindings

This sounds easy to break. Aren't sip files automatically created ?

> FWIW, the main goal should be that people writing code against the API
> do not need to update their code with a minor version change.

Makes sense.

> Things available in Python should be treated extra-carefully.

See above, how to tell if things are available in python ?

> Anything not LIB_EXPORTed (or private) should be considered an
> implementation detail,

What about protected members ?

>  * Places like simplification that were explicitly implemented in WKB to
> be able to work on the data before it's converted to an internal
> structure for performance reasons.

Is the above assuming every data provider would provide WKB ?
I'd still think deserialized access would be faster...


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