[Qgis-developer] DateTime field conversion for ESRI shapefile to prevent data loss

Mathieu Pellerin nirvn.asia at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 18:35:55 PST 2016


It occurred to me that saving a vector layer containing DateTime fields to
an ESRI Shapefile format transforms the DateTime field into a Date field,
leading to the loss of the time data [1]. As far as I understand, this is
not a regression, just something that got onto my radar in the last week or

I think what needs to happen here is for the DateTime field to be
transformed into a String field, similarly to what Nyall has committed for
Time field [2].

Does that sound like the right thing to do here? Thoughts from developers
are most welcome :)


[1] http://hub.qgis.org/issues/14190
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