[Qgis-developer] QGIS Server sending UPDATE... WHERE NULL to postgis in a WFS layer

jaitor sigeo.agmartin at getxo.eus
Thu Mar 3 06:34:14 PST 2016

UPDATE 03/03/2016 

I updated to QGIS Server and QGIS Desktop to 2.12.3 both and the problem

After many days of tests I finally found when the issue occurs. I happens
when I save edits of the layer in QGIS (via WFS-T) and at the same time a
[Lizmap Map][1] is being loaded by another user. Lizmap also uses

Looks like when loading a map, Lizmap makes the server busy and when a WFS-T
update request is recived, QGIS Server is not capable of building the UPDATE
SQL query correctly.Example:

 If there is a Lizmap loading at the time the WFS-T post is received, the
PostgreSQL query generated in qgis-server is:

    2016-03-03 11:47:30 CET LOG:  00000: sentencia: UPDATE
"public"."getxo_alumbrado_tendido_canalizacion" SET "diametro"='22' WHERE

On the other hand, if qgis-server is not serving data to a loading Lizmap
when the WFS-T arrives, the PostgreSQL query generated is:

    2016-03-03 11:46:21 CET LOG:  00000: sentencia: UPDATE
"public"."getxo_alumbrado_tendido_canalizacion" SET "diametro"='111' WHERE

Note the diference in the where clause. The first one it does nothing. The
second one works ok.

I don't know if I can tune Apache or any config files for qgis-server to fix
this issue. 

I tried giving much more hardware to the server (4 cores and 16 GB RAM) with
no chnage.


I am making all the software updates using OSGEO4W. Ia read somewhere that
Apache and PHP packages have not been updated for years. I'll try to update
them manually and check that the apache or php version is not the cause of
the problem.

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