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Nathan Woodrow madmanwoo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 03:48:48 PST 2016

I'm sure there are other dbf editors out there outside of excel. I don't
think it will have any impact on the GIS world really

On Fri, 4 Mar 2016 9:37 pm Pieter du Plooy <pjduplooy at zpanelcp.com> wrote:

> Hi guys, I do not know to what degree this will affect anyone, but came
> across this snippet:
> "Fellow GIS-ers,
> As you may be aware, Microsoft dropped dbf support from the newest
> versions of Access (2013 & 2016).  Their reasoning?...dbf is an antiquated
> and/or dead file format.  They either did not realize or ignored that dbf
> is the tabular format behind all shapefiles and very much still in use
> throughout the entire GIS industry.  It is the universal format for, at the
> very least, GIS data exchange.
> Unfortunately, this means one can no longer link to a shapefile dbf table
> from within an Access database to work directly with the data (neither
> manually nor through VBA).  I’ve been on the phone and exchanged numerous
> emails with Microsoft’s support personnel over the past couple of weeks,
> building a case for bringing back dbf support. The best I can get (without
> a “Premier” support ticket) is the suggestion to continue using Access
> 2010, or some other registry hack-type workarounds…all of which are
> unviable in the long-term.
> So, I’m pushing for a “grass-roots” campaign, if this problem directly
> affects you…please consider voting for the current “bring back dbf”
> suggestion in the online Access suggestion box:"
> https://access.uservoice.com/forums/319956-access-desktop/suggestions/11075742-bring-back-the-support-for-connecting-to-dbase
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