[Qgis-developer] Another nice symbol set

Matthias Kuhn matthias at opengis.ch
Tue Mar 8 00:41:09 PST 2016

Hi Paolo,

That would be nice to include, thanks for pointing out.
Do you know if they require us to do anything to acknowledge their work?
On the page they state

These are "free for use". Whenever possible please  credit as follows:
“Source: OCHA & MapAction".

I think it would be good talking to them and ask if this can be added to
the visual changelog or if something more is required (like a note on
the style page where the icons appear).


On 03/08/2016 09:28 AM, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Hi all.
> I think this could be worth including:
> http://www.mapaction.org/resources/gis-resources.html
> All the best.

Matthias Kuhn
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