[Qgis-developer] Processing algorithms and API breaks

matteo matteo.ghetta at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 01:52:19 PST 2016

Hi Richard,

>> What about a general help system in which every alg has a github
>> editable help page :-)
>> https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Enhancement-Proposals/issues/51

that's exactly where we started..

> That's what we started with. I do not why Matteo work was apparently
> lost, or at least not used currently.

with the new help tabs some help files have been lost.. at least all the
SAGA ones (not many, but some of them have been documented)

IMHO, a single and easy editable github page for the algorithm is the
best solution.
We can also think to add some pictures to show in a super immediate way
to the user what the algorithm does.

For the backends (always IMHO :) ):

* GRASS is perfect with its own guides
* GDAL/OGR algorithms are redirected to their homepage.. super
documented with all the additional parameters but not so comfortable for
the user
* OTB super nice
* SAGA super painful..

If we find a way I can contribute by adding some help of the main modules..

Actually, something is better than nothing..



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