[Qgis-developer] Ubuntu build dependencies

Thomas Gratier osgeo.mailinglist at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 10:58:22 PST 2016


Just look at the INSTALL file from the qgis official repository e.g


Thomas Gratier

2016-03-10 19:08 GMT+01:00 David Adler <dadler at adtechgeospatial.com>:

> Using sudo apt-get build-dep qgis finds/installs many dependencies but
> there were still some missing like libqca2-dev and libqca-plugin-ossl.
> Running ccmake, /usr/lib/libqscintilla2.so is not found.  What package is
> this in?
> A while back, someone pointed us to a page that had QGIS dependencies for
> different versions of Ubuntu but I seem to have lost the link.
> Is there some simple place to figure out how to get all needed
> dependencies and to set various ccmake values that need to be added/set?
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