[Qgis-developer] Feature request #12667 and #13803

EFTAS Christian Röttger Christian.Roettger at eftas.com
Mon Mar 14 03:51:54 PDT 2016

Dear developers,

we want to use QGIS in a bigger project in our company this summer. As it is a digitizing project it would be nice to have feature http://hub.qgis.org/issues/12667 (pause snapping) and maybe http://hub.qgis.org/issues/13803 (color of selection) working quite soon.
Can anyone estimate the time and maybe cost of developing these features? For only #12667 and for both?

Personally, I would like to support the project with either donation or pay for developing. But I am not in the position to spend money so I have to discuss that with my boss. This is why I'm asking, because we need it in the next two months.

Thanks and best regards

Dipl.-Geoinf. Christian Röttger
-Forschung und Entwicklung
E F T A S    Fernerkundung
Technologietransfer GmbH
Oststraße 2-18
48145 Münster
Fon: +49 251 13307-23         E-Mail: christian.roettger at eftas.com<mailto:christian.roettger at eftas.com>
Fax:  +49 251 13307-33        Web:   http://www.eftas.com<http://www.eftas.com/>
Dipl.-Ing. Georg Altrogge

Sitz der Gesellschaft: Münster
Amtsgericht Münster, HRB 2999
USt.-IdNr. DE 126038986

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