[Qgis-developer] FOSS4G Bonn QGIS presentations

Lene Fischer lfi at ign.ku.dk
Mon Mar 21 15:42:58 PDT 2016

I did just hand in a workshop proposal with a case:

Workshop QGIS from vector to raster and back again
The Scenario is autumn, storm and high tide. The area is a small village near the costline. The houses in the village are in risk of getting flooded. With Free and Open Data from The Danish Geodata Agency, we will find the buildings in the risk zone for 2 different sea levels.
How can we do this?
At first we create an elevation model from the Pointcloud. For better visualizing we create a Hillshade and Colorize the Elevation modelmap. Viewing in web with QGIS2ThreeJS. With the webmap we can see the sealevel increase a view the buildings. But it is only a view.
To find the exact buildings we have to make calculations for a scenario with 2 different sea levels. To find the buildings within the flooded area, we Convert the calculated Raster into Vector and perform a spatial query.
The buildings are then categorized and colorized. The flooded area calculated. Finally the map are presented in an Atlas and uploaded to the web.


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I know - I am a bit late about it - but next Monday there is the submission deadline at the FOSS4G conference: http://2016.foss4g.org/news-entry/call-for-submissions.html

Who is going to present on behalf of the QGIS project? I guess someone should provide an update on the QGIS project - what we achieved in the last year and provide any plans/updates/insight on QGIS 3.0 - if any ;-)

And how about workshops?

Did someone already submit something on behalf of QGIS and if yes - what?

Thanks for sharing,


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