[Qgis-developer] plugin translation

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Wed Mar 23 01:08:03 PDT 2016

On 23-03-16 08:52, matteo wrote:
> Hi Richard,
>> this Makefile also comes from the plugin builder:
> oh, tough stuff (for me) ;)
> anyway, I see that in the update-strings.sh script, at the end, it has
> been used the command *pylupdate4* and not *lupdate*.. and that was
> exactly the problem I have reported (lupdate does not take the tr()
> function into account)..
> as I said, the only annoying thing I have to do is to write manually all
> the UI files in the .pro one.. but that's not a problem at all..
> I can change the cookbook with this new stuff.. what do you think about it?

Hi Matteo,

Yes please.

Not sure if you are on Linux or Windows, but I thought to create a
feature request to move the Make/shell scripts to Paver/python:


I'm ok with Make/shell as I use Linux, but maybe from the Windows/Mac
community somebody can pick this up.



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