[Qgis-developer] Field mapper when pasting features

Denis Rouzaud denis.rouzaud at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 01:01:57 PDT 2016

Hi Arnaud,

I am really looking forward to seeing such feature implemented in QGIS,
thanks for bringing up the discussion.

I would also recommend going for a QEP, as it is a largely foreseen
feature, and I suppose everyone has its own definition and use-case...

From my point of view, we should go for a very generic field-mapping
mechanism which could be used in many places such as copy-paste. A way
of reading/saving configuration would be quite useful, like presets.

Best wishes,


On 10/27/2016 05:52 PM, Arnaud Morvan wrote:
> Hello QGIS devs,
> I want to add a field mapper dialog when pasting features to layers.
> For now when pasting features with attributes names that do not exists
> on the destination layer,
> those attributes values are lost.
> When clipboard fields and destination layer fields are not strictly
> the sames,
> In QGIS 3.0, I want to popup a new dialog with fields mapper
> configurator.
> Dialog UI could be similar to Refactor Fields Algorithm, showing a
> list of destination fields :
>     source expression (expression widgets) => destination field
> For example, I often use this workflow :
>     Open a shapefile or autocad file.
>     Use the refactor fields to get temporary layer with same fields as
> destination.
>     Paste to postgis database layer.
> I think having this dialog showing up when needed could really ease
> data manipulation from one layer to another.
> And I want to give the possibility to use expressions.
> Any remarks, do you think I need to open to open a QEP for that ?
> Regards

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