[Qgis-developer] Open request for comments on changes to QGIS.ORG statutes

Tim Sutton tim at qgis.org
Tue Nov 22 13:19:07 PST 2016

Hi All

In a few days we will ask the QGIS Voting Membership to vote to approve our proposed changes to the QGIS.ORG statutes. I would like to invite any final comments about the changes to the charter.

These changes are intended to:

* satisfy the legal requirements of QGIS.ORG becoming a Swiss Verein (association)
* clarify the roles of the various participants in the QGIS.ORG governance
* make the process of becoming a PSC/Board member more democratic and transparent

For reference, our current statutes (drafted in 2015) are here:


The proposed 2016 revision of these statutes is here:


If you would like to suggest a change to the proposed revision please use the following procedure:

1) Do NOT post the comment as a reply to this email. 
2) Email your suggestion to tim at qgis.org with [2016StatutesRevision] in the subject line
3) Specify your change by referring to the section  number, paragraph and then provide details of your proposed change
4) If necessary provide a simple accompanying explanation of why you would like to make the change

The final draft will be put forward to vote by the QGIS Voting Members on Saturday 26 November so this is just a last short window for substantive changes to the draft prepared by the PSC. If your comments / proposed changes are trivial please consider holding back your comments until next year.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding the process.




Tim Sutton
QGIS Project Steering Committee Chair
tim at qgis.org

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