[Qgis-developer] Any UI/UX plans for QGIS3?

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Fri Nov 25 03:37:47 PST 2016

On 25-11-16 12:27, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Hi Alexandre,
> thanks for raising this, much appreciated.

Yep, also from me: let's make QGIS the Desktop gis with the best UIX of 
all. Now is the time indeed!

@Alexandre: note that we closed the qgis-ux mailinglist as there was 
almost no traffic, and IF there was, we often needed input from the dev 
list so everybody started cross-posting anyway. So we decided to remove 
the ux list.

Which brings me to the point: we need devs/resources to do such things 
too. Also for me it is too easy to rethink stuff, but not able to do it 
myself it does not happen by itself...

> Il 25/11/2016 12:22, Alexandre Neto ha scritto:
>> So I wondered if this is not the perfect time to think about some UI/UX
>> changes as well, as it will lead to more work in translation and
>> Documentation. Could we do a list of UI/UX stuff that we could improve?

Yep please: I should know there is some wiki page with 'wishes and 
changes' in QGIS3 but I do not have the url with me here (anybody?).

Would be good if somebody collects these idea's, and (given we can come 
to some consensus...) maybe try to do a special 'UIX'-funding round 
somewhere later in the QGIS-3 process (when api etc etc are settled)?

Coming to a consensus is maybe best done during a (big?) user or 
developers meeting?



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