[Qgis-developer] Any UI/UX plans for QGIS3?

Spencer Gardner spencergardner at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 09:50:54 PST 2016

>Another one I forgot to add (a bit unrelated):
>- lots of the processing algorithms don't correctly handle z/m
>geometries and the changes are often trivial to allow them to. I'd
>love to see someone generate a list (based off master) of all the
>algorithms which currently don't maintain z and m values and which

Am I remembering correctly that imports via DBManager also don't
handle z/m geometries? Seems like that should be an easy fix too.

I'll volunteer to identify the offending processing algorithms. We're
talking QGIS algorithms, right? Not from GRASS or other providers? I
might need some guidance but it seems pretty straightforward.

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