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Luigi Pirelli luipir en gmail.com
Jue Ago 6 06:57:20 PDT 2015

Hola Victor

esto es lo que me contestaron desde Packt,

escribe a los de customercare y haznos saber lo que contestan


Luigi Pirelli

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Date: 6 August 2015 at 10:35
Subject: Re: Problems buying Mastering QGIS - Fwd: [QGIS-es] libros QGIS
To: Luigi Pirelli <luipir en gmail.com>
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Hi Luigi,

That's sad to hear. I contacted our CRM team to see what the issue
was. They could not find any order placed using the email id
:vcantabria en gmail.com
Could you please ask Mr. Victor Gonzalez to contact our customer care
team with details of the issue they are facing. Their id is
customercare en packtpub.com.

They will get back to him and resolve the issue.

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