[Qgis-psc] Request for sponsorship

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Fri Jan 9 02:17:32 PST 2015


You are probably aware about the discussion around the map canvas rotation.

The following bugs are still open:

These are the left-over ones:

  - Label pre-rotation (#11814, #11856)
  - Plugin layers (#11900)
  - North Arrow Decoration (#11818)
  - Grid decoration (#11817)
  - Composer support (#11912)
  - Overview map (#11862)

Other bugs have already been fixed:

  - Inverted polygon renderer (#11911):*CLOSED_AS_UNCONFIRMED*
  - Identify feature highlight (#11815):*DONE*
  - Zoom by rect (#11910):*DONE*
  - Select by point (#11930):*DONE*
  - Select by rect (#11865):*DONE*
  - Rotation support in pre-rendered map display (#11909):*DONE*
  - Overview pan (#11816):*DONE*
  - Reset rotation on new project (#11832):*DONE*


I am asking PSC if we could spend Euro 3200 to pay one week of Strks (Sandro Santillis) dev time to be able to continue working on fixing most of the above bugs.

Can the PSC please vote on this, maybe even by email before your next PSC meeting, so Strk can continue to work on fixing the above bugs as soon as posssible - if accepted?

Thanks a lot,

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