[Qgis-psc] Python cookbook revision final report

Marco Bernasocchi marco at qgis.org
Mon Apr 6 06:10:41 PDT 2020

Ciao Ale,

Thanks a lot for all the work! so happy that the cookbook got the love
it deserves.



On 06.04.20 14:59, Alessandro Pasotti wrote:
> Hi all,
> first of all I would like to thank you all and all the QGIS sponsors
> and donors together with the documentation team for making this review
> process possible. I also wish to thank Martin Dobias for his help in
> spotting out an issue in one snippet with Plugin Layers
> To be completely honest, this task took me quite a bit more time than
> planned, so consider the additional time that I spent on it as a
> voluntary contribution by me (or QCooperative as you prefer :)
> As it was initially planned I was able to review all the code snippets
> in the cookbook and to put them under automated test in CI.
> Before I started there were 62 tests over ~300 code snippets, we are
> now at 303 tested snippets (302 on 3.10). Despite my efforts (where I
> probably lost most of my time) I had to skip a handful of snippets
> that were running perfectly well when tested manually but failing on
> the doctest CI process:
> - task manager tests (1 out of 3 on master, 2 out of 3 on 3.10)
> - all standalone application tests (because the mocked application is
> already started globally and it cannot be re-initialized)
> Note that for a few of the most complex snippets the test coverage is
> not 100% because the test does not really cover all execution paths.
> I didn't have time to go through a reorganization of the text contents
> but I did quickly read all the texts and I made some small
> modifications to update the contents where the API had substantially
> changed from the original texts.
> A few snippets had to be updated because of changes in the QGIS API or
> because of the deprecation of a the methods, CRS handling in
> particular due to the proj6 switch, but there were also other places
> where I had to make small changes.
> I've found just 1 syntax error in the whole code!
> The changes have been backported to the 3.10 branch.
> Last but not least, I couldn't resist to add a few sections and to do
> an more in-depth review of the server Python cookbook section, I
> reorganized the material about plugins and I added snippets and short
> introductory texts about the new modules and OGC APIs architecture.
> A final personal consideration:
> I think that the cookbook is a great source of information, not only
> for PyQgis begginers or plugin developers but also for C++ developers:
> it contains a lot of information about the internals of the QGIS API
> that you cannot really find anywhere else.
> It could probably benefit from a reorganization of a few sections but
> it is already a great resource as it is.
> Cheers
Marco Bernasocchi

QGIS.org Co-chair

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