[QGIS-pt] Over 30 European parliamentarians support free software

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*The newly elected European Parliament will include at least 33 members
from 7 member states that have pledged their support to free software,
according to advocacy groups April and the FSFE. The provisional results of
their campaign show that of these, 17 come from France, 7 from Germany, 3
from the Netherlands, 2 from Italy, 2 from Spain, 1 from Belgium and 1 from

This year, the campaign to get candidates to pledge their support for free
software involved France's April, the Italian Assoli, Spain's Hispalinux,
Latvia's LATA, Slovenia's SOIK and the pan-European FSF and FSFE.

In signing the pact, candidates promise to support free software and open
standards in politics, law and administration.

Free software enthusiasts volunteering for these groups managed to get 162
of all EP candidates from 16 member states to sign the 'Free Software
Pact', and contacted many more, says Jeanne Tadeusz, April's public affairs
officer. "It is crucial that MEPs know and care about free software", the
group explained when announcing the interim results. "The European
Parliament is one of the most important actors today in protecting our
freedoms, show by its battles on ACTA, Net neutrality and software patents."

In a statement, Karsten Gerloff, president for the Free Software Foundation
Europe (FSFE) adds: "We rely on these MEPS to make sure that Europeans can
be in full control of the computers they use. FSFE will be happy to support
them in this important effort."
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