[QGIS-pt] Crowd funding Project: ‪QGIS‬ Web Client II (QWCII)

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Tue Dec 8 11:23:45 PST 2015


Hi QGIS users,

As you may have noticed, QGIS web client shows its age (old OpenLayers,
old ExtJS, not so modular code). For this reason it will only receive
some minor updates in the future - and the process has started to find a
successor project, called "QWC II".

QWC II should be easier to deploy than QWC I, more modular, with more
modern libraries (OpenLayers3, some better UI framework). The same
version should work on Desktop and mobile. There should be a QGIS plugin
to edit the global and per project options. We started work on a
requirements document - see


*At this time we are looking for project partners (institutional crowd
funders) who help invest into this effort.* The current partners are:
City of Uster, City of Jena, City of Kristianstad, City of Strasbourg,
Kanton Glarus and 2-3 likely additional partners.

The plan is to start a bidding process to do the development of QWC II,
starting with Priorities 1 (P1). This bidding project probably starts in
January 2016. The source code will end up in the official QGIS Github
repository and will be open to additional developers once the project
reaches a certain state.

Please let us know, if you are interested in joining this effort.

Andreas Neumann

Giovanni Manghi
giovanni.manghi at naturalgis.pt
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* QGIS/PostGIS Training
* QGIS Support and Consulting
* QGIS development
Google+/Hangouts: giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Giovanni is QGIS main tester and active member of its development team
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