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Alexandre Neto senhor.neto gmail.com
Sexta-Feira, 20 de Fevereiro de 2015 - 02:39:21 PST

Bom dia a todos,

Faltam um par de horas para se fechar o ciclo de desenvolvimento do Qgis
2.8. Este é o tempo que resta para fazer alguma melhoria à tradução do qgis
para português.

Para indicações sobre como traduzir vejam a página:


Alexandre Neto

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Hi Translators,

As you surely already realized the release date for 2.8 is very close.
As there are still only a few languages at 100% I would like to remind
you that there are only 4h left to finish.
A few notes beside:

The upcoming freeze and release date is now always in the upper right
corner of the QGIS homepage - so you will always know how much time
ist left for translation.

2.8 will be a LTS release - which means it will be supported and
bugfixed for 1 year. Would be nice to get as many translations as

After branching translating the 2.8 release will only be possible by
downloading the *.ts file out of the release branch - translating it
with linguist locally and commiting it into the release branch.

There is NO backporting of master to release branch.

Thanks for all your work and - looking forward to 2.8 Release
kind regards
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