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  Some initial thoughts; literally back of the envelope
- Constrain the problem by first realizing that all 'drive-able' 5-mile
distances will occur.
- So, determine all road intersections within a 5-mile radius centered on a
- Then use a program like 'pgRouting' (http://pgrouting.org/) to generate a
list of the shortest distance from the firestation to each road
intersection within your radius.
- Then order list of shortest distances.
- Label those intersections that are less than 5 miles (shortest distance
from pgRouting) from your fire station with a green dot or symbol.
- All other intersections label with a red dot or symbol.
This is a rough, first draft and I would think it would give you a
reasonable idea (at least to the nearest intersection from the station) of
your 5-mile driving distance.


On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 11:55 AM, Ed Hawkins <ehawkins at henco911.com> wrote:

> I have a shapefile of firestations and a shapefile of roads, I need to do
> an analysis and find the 5 mile "DRIVING DISTANCE", not as the crow flies,
> point on the roads from each firestation. Are there any suggestions?  Any
> help would be greatly appreciated.
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