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Tue Dec 29 11:23:02 PST 2020

I am new to Qgis although I have used MapInfo extensively many years ago so
I am familiar with GIS.
I was provide an application in ArcInfo SHP format and the data appears to
be stored in a DBF file (Dbase)
The first column in the table is a field OBJECTID which I believe might hold
the line geometric information
I created a subset of the map, Test.DBF, with just a few columns including
the OBJECTID column and a columns called "merged" that I need to edit from
an external application
I ATTACH the Test.dfb table using an external database (R:Base) and I can
see the column data just fine, the "merged" column show all values as NULL.
When I change the value of "merged" from NULL to "Y" either via a grid or
command, it changes it correctly but also changes the value of OBJECTID to
NULL. When I open the map in QGIS and enable the layer "Test", the lines
still display but now the column OBJECT ID shows as NULL.
Since the value of the column OBJECTID is my link to other tables, I would
prefer not to have it change to NULL.
I have tried creating an additional column, "XOBJECTID" and copying the
values of OBJECTID  to XOBJECTID and now, when I open the table from
R:Baseand change the value of column "merged", both, the values of OBJECTID
and XOBJECTID, are changed to NULL.
It would appear that when I copy the values of OBJECTID to XOBJECTID it
copies more than just the value but whatever code it has that triggers the
changing to NULL of these columns.
I imagine that there is a way to copy just the value without any code from
the original column to the new column where I want to save a copy of the
original values
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,
Javier Valencia, PE
14315 S. Twilight Ln.
Olathe, KS 66062
Cell: 913-915-3137
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